Welcome to the 38th Anniversary of the Capital Invitational Tennis Championships.

The following 36 teams are here for this year’s tournament: Bishop Kelly, Boise, Bonneville, Borah, Caldwell, Canyon Ridge, Capital, Centennial, Century, Chiawana, Columbia, Eagle, Fruitland, Hermiston, Hillcrest, Idaho Falls, Jerome, Kamiakin, Ketchum Community School, Kuna, Lewiston, Madison, Meridian, Middleton, Mountain View, Nampa, Parma, Pasco, Ridgevue, Rocky Mtn., Skyline, Skyview, Timberline, Twin Falls, Vallivue, and Wood River.


The tournament is a Grand-Prix format. Friday’s play will be round-robin. The record at the end of the day will determine whether your player or team moves into the championship or consolation bracket for Saturday.



1st day: 1 point for playing & 1 point for winning

2nd day: Consolation bracket – 2 points for playing & 2 points for winning

Championship  bracket – 4 points for playing & 4 points for winning


AWARDS: Merchandise Prizes will be awarded to the first 2 places and the consolation winner of each event and a trophy will be presented to the winning team.


FRIDAY PLAY: Regular ad-scoring both days Friday’s play will be round-robin, 2-out-of-3 four-game sets (ad-scoring), 12-point tie breaker (first to 7 points, win by two) for 3rd set.


SATURDAY PLAY: Saturday, all play will be 2-out-of-3 sets ad-scoring. If a split occurs, the third set will be determined by a 12-point tiebreaker (first to 7 points, win by two).


TIES: In case of ties in the round-robin play – the winner will be that person or team who has won the head-to-head match. In case of a 3-way tie, the winner will be the player or team who has lost the fewest games. If a tie still exists, a 12-point tie-breaker will be played.


TIMES: Friday’s matches will begin at 9:30 a.m. and continue until finished. Saturday’s matches begin at 8:00 a.m. All Championship finals will be at Bishop Kelly High School beginning at 2:00 p.m. All Championship finalists report to Bishop Kelly High School on Saturday as soon as you are finished with the semi-finals.


BALLS: Balls MUST be used for a minimum of 2 matches on Friday. 2 new balls will be given for each match on Saturday.




Time Limit:

  1. A player must be ready to play within 10 minutes of first call.
  2. 10-minute warm-ups before 1st match. 5 minutes for all other matches including serves.
  3. 5 minutes maximum break between split sets.
  4. Coaching allowed by coaches only on changeovers.


Defaults: Player may be defaulted from a match for:

  1. Not conforming to time limitations.
  2. Not cooperating with the coach in charge
  3. Use of bad language
  4. Throwing or excessively dropping a racquet
  5. Any other unsportsmanlike conduct



1st Boys Singles – Meridian High (1900 W. Pine, Meridian)

2nd Boys Singles – Eagle High (574 N. Park Lane)

3rd Boys Singles – Sawtooth Middle (3730 N. Linder Rd., Meridian)

4th Boys Singles – Borah High (6001 Cassia St., Boise)

1st Girls Singles – Timberline High (701 E. Boise Ave, Boise)

2nd Girls Singles – Fort Boise Community Center (700 Robbins Rd., Boise)

3rd Girls Singles – Julia Davis Park (700 S. Capital Blvd., Boise)

4th Girls Singles – East Jr. High (5600 Warm Springs Rd., Boise)

1st Boys Doubles – Centennial High (12400 W. McMillan Rd., Boise)

2nd Boys Doubles – Mountain View High (2000 S. Millennium Way, Meridian)

1st Girls Doubles – Bishop Kelly High (7009 Franklin Rd., Boise)

2nd Girls Doubles – Capital High (8055 Goddard Rd., Boise)

1st Mixed Doubles – Rocky Mountain High (5450 N. Linder Rd., Meridian)

2nd Mixed Doubles – Lewis & Clark Middle (4141 E. Pine, Meridian)


The Consolation finals will ALL be played at their site.

The Championship finals will ALL be at Bishop Kelly.